5 Tips To Keep Your Healthy Eating Plan on Track

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November 21, 2016
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5 Tips To Keep Your Healthy Eating Plan on Track

Beautiful woman eating meal in restaurantYou know the old saying about good intentions, right? We often have the best intentions when we start a weight loss diet or healthy eating plan. We get up in the morning, plan our meals for the day, and off we go. But then, at some point, temptation strikes. Or, we get busy and distracted, and we find it difficult to fit healthy foods into our daily activities.

Sound familiar? Follow these five tips every day, and keep those good intentions on track.

Eat breakfast every day. Eating breakfast revs up your metabolism for the day, and can prevent late-morning blood sugar crashes (and the junk food cravings that often accompany them). Make sure to include some filling fiber and protein, and sneak in veggies or fruit whenever you can.

Carry snacks with you. Stash packets of oatmeal, fruit, or individual servings of nuts in your desk drawer. Keep one or two snacks in the car, too, and anywhere else that you spend a large amount of time. If hunger strikes, you have a healthy, low-calorie snack on hand so that you can fight off the urge to stop at a convenience store or hit up the nearest drive-through.

Stay hydrated. While you’re planning for the day’s nourishment, remember to fill up a large water bottle. Sipping on water throughout the day helps you to stay hydrated, and aids in digestion. Plus, you’ll feel more full and less likely to indulge in the snack machine down the hallway.

Have a salad with dinner. Starting dinner with a salad is a great way to ensure that you’re getting those all-important leafy greens in your daily diet. Plus, the veggies are filling, so you’re less likely to over-indulge in the more fattening main course.

Focus on your meals. You might think focusing on food would lead to over-eating, but it actually has the opposite effect. Turn off the TV, put down your smart phone, and really pay attention to each bite that you eat. You’ll enjoy your meals more, and recognize fullness cues sooner.

As always, don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your weight loss plan. We can help you decide upon a nutritional regimen that is safe for you, while helping you achieve your goals.