5 Times You Should Skip Your Workout

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July 15, 2019
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5 Times You Should Skip Your Workout

Since we usually focus on healthy choices, regular exercise, and our medical weight loss plan, you might think it’s odd that we would ever advise you to skip a scheduled workout. But there are indeed times that you should do exactly that! If you’re facing one of the following five situations, it’s okay to procrastinate for just one day.

You’re suffering chronic sleep deprivation. If you just didn’t sleep very well last night, go ahead and head to the gym. But if you’ve haven’t slept in days or weeks, you shouldn’t risk injury and further stress on your body. Devote that hour to rest instead. And while you’re at it, get to the bottom of that sleep issue and try to solve the problem. If you’re following a medical weight loss plan, a lack of sleep will disrupt hormones and make it harder to reach your goals.

You’re injured. Don’t try to “tough it out” because you  could make the problem worse. Take a day off to rest, and see your doctor if you think you’ve suffered an injury that requires medical attention.

You’re sick. If you’re just suffering a minor cold or sinus infection, you can probably still exercise (but perhaps outdoors, so that you don’t risk spreading your cold around the gym). But if you have a fever, this is a sign that your body needs to rest. Take the day off so that you don’t over-stress yourself and make the illness worse.

You’ve exercised six days in a row already, and you’re feeling it. Your body needs time to recuperate from physical strain. So if this will be your seventh day of exercise in a row, and you’re feeling a bit run down, spend the day resting instead.

You’ll be missing an important event. Generally speaking, we urge you to prioritize your health and schedule other activities around your workout routine. But sometimes that isn’t possible. You certainly don’t want to miss a child’s ballet recital or the family reunion. So when big events come up, it’s fine to skip your workout so that you can attend them.

Of course, if you find yourself needing to skip a workout too often, you might not achieve the results you were hoping for. If you’re experiencing difficulty with your workout routine, or need further advice on a medical weight loss plan, please give us a call. We can offer the support and information you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.