5 Swaps to Make for Better Health

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5 Swaps to Make for Better Health

As you might have expected, part of a successful weight loss plan involves changing certain habits. However, it can be difficult for some people to simply drop a habit. Replacing it with something healthier often results in a change that you can actually maintain in the long run. So if you’re looking for ideas to help you cut your caloric intake, try these five simple swaps.

Rethink your pre-dinner munching. Plenty of people enjoy snacking on cheese, crackers, and other appetizers as they cook dinner. The problem is that these pre-dinner snacks often pack quite a few calories, and leave you wanting less of the healthy fare you’re preparing. Snack on raw veggies instead, and you won’t add too many calories to your evening meal. Plus, they’re good for you.

Swap out your rice. Regular rice contains about 200 calories for each one-cup serving. But a veggie rice, such as cauliflower, packs only about 40 calories. You can make a smart swap while also adding more of those all-important veggies to your diet.

Try soup instead of salad. Salads are great, but many people add quite a lot of dressing, croutons, bacon, nuts, cheese, and other ingredients that increase the calorie count significantly. Sound familiar? If you’re looking to start your meal with something full of veggies and flavor, try soup instead. Soup in nutritious, filling, and contains plenty of that all-important water.

Exchange starchy carbs for vegetables. Many of us over-emphasize starchy carbs like potatoes, corn, or pasta, while neglecting our need for non-starchy vegetables. No one is saying you can never enjoy those dishes, but decrease serving sizes to about a half-cup and increase your portions of vegetables to compensate. You can save 100 or more calories per meal this way.

Hack your coffee. Try an unsweetened cafe misto instead of a latte to save about 70 calories per serving. Or, simply add a few dashes of cinnamon to a cup of black coffee, for a calorie-free but antioxidant-rich morning beverage.

Making small adjustments along the way can help you to to form new, healthier habits for life. But you might find that you prefer more one-on-one support. If you need help crafting a weight loss plan for lasting results, call us to schedule a consultation.