5 Surprising Facts About Botox

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November 2, 2020
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5 Surprising Facts About Botox

Everyone has heard of Botox, but unfortunately that also means everyone has heard some “alternative information” about the anti-aging treatments. If you’re feeling unsure about Botox treatments for fine lines and wrinkles, these facts might surprise you.

Botox is not just for celebrities. We all know celebrities head to the doctor for a round of Botox shortly before the Oscars. So does that mean the treatments are prohibitively expensive? Not at all! In fact, most people just pay a few hundred dollars for the average Botox treatment. You might be surprised at how many of your friends have already done it.

Botox is not all about vanity. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best! But that’s not the only reason people get Botox treatments. Many of our patients say that they’re bothered by creasing and wrinkles that make them appear tired, stressed, or angry. Smoothing out those lines can lead to a more friendly, approachable expression.

No, your face won’t be “frozen”. Botox can stop you from wrinkling your brow or squinting, but it only affects a portion of your facial muscles. Your face won’t be “frozen”. If Botox had such a serious effect, actors and actresses would consider it a career liability!

And, since Botox does soften some facial expressions related to anger or stress, you might find that your interactions are more pleasant. We certainly haven’t heard any stories of people struggling with their social lives due to a “frozen” face.

Botox doesn’t exactly erase wrinkles. Botox works best as a preventive. By preventing certain facial expressions, you can ward off the etched-in lines associated with emotions like stress and anger. And yes, lines do soften after a Botox treatment. But in order to achieve best results, start getting your Botox treatments when lines first appear and then repeat them regularly. And on that note…

Botox treatments don’t last forever. The effects of Botox wear off after three to four months, so repeat treatments are necessary to maintain your smoother complexion.

Hopefully these five facts helped you learn a bit more about Botox. But if you have other questions, give us a call. We can discuss your concerns and expectations, and help you decide if Botox treatments are right for your situation.