5 Steps to Revamp Your Eating Plan for Spring

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March 8, 2022
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5 Steps to Revamp Your Eating Plan for Spring

You started off the year strong, sticking to your New Year’s resolutions, and perhaps you also decided upon a medical weight loss plan. But now that spring has arrived, maybe your dedication is lagging a bit. As warmer weather and swimsuit season approaches, there is no time like the present to revamp your eating plan! These five steps can get you back on track toward your goals.

Start today. Don’t procrastinate until tomorrow or next week. Everyone can take a positive step forward right now, even if it’s not perfect.

Focus on what you must eat, rather than what you can’t. Focusing on what you can’t or shouldn’t eat will just make you want it more. Instead, shift your mindset to the addition of healthy foods. Decide upon daily goals for fresh produce, protein, and fiber. Focus on meeting those goals, rather than denying yourself favorite treats. You’ll be so full of healthy foods that you won’t be thinking about cravings so much anymore!

Plan your meals. Take the time to plan meals for several days or even a full week in advance. It’s much easier to stick to a healthy eating plan when you actually plan it!

Keep a food journal. It’s so much easier to stick to a plan when you hold yourself accountable. Write down every bite that you eat. Knowing that you’ll have to admit to it – even if only to yourself – can prevent you from sneaking around.

Commit with a friend. For many of us, reaching goals is easier when we have support. Line up a healthy lunch buddy at work, or a friend you can text when you’re tempted to go off your eating plan. Likewise, you will feel motivated to help them stick to their goals, and we do that best by setting a great example.

And of ocurse, don’t forget to seek professional surpport. Call us to discuss a medical weight loss plan, and we can get you started toward a lifestyle change the helps you feel healthier and more confident.