5 Steps to a Consistent Workout Routine

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February 9, 2015
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February 24, 2015

5 Steps to a Consistent Workout Routine

iStock_000033439348_SmallHave you ever decided upon a workout routine, purchased exercise clothes, and even paid for a gym membership…. only to quit after one month? It’s an all-too-common scenario for most people who pursue a weight loss or fitness goal. If you find it hard to stay motivated, try these five steps to a consistent workout routine.

Make a commitment. Sign up for a fitness-related event, such as a charity walk or marathon. Now you’ve made a firm commitment to a worthy cause, and it would be a bit embarrassing to cancel! The slight social pressure will motivate you to train for the event, and you’ll be helping others at the same time.

Set small daily goals. In addition to a long-term commitment, setting daily goals will help you stay motivated. One day you might decide, “I’m going to shave ten seconds off of my one-mile time” or “I’m going to walk for an extra five minutes”. These daily goals should be small enough that you can accomplish them, but meaningful enough that you can see your progress.

Keep track of your progress. Many people give up their workout routines simply because they feel they aren’t making progress. In reality, the progress is just more gradual than they had expected, but it is definitely happening! Use a popular fitness app, such as MapMyFitness, and create a training log. When you feel down or discouraged about your progress, you will have a visual reminder of how much you’ve accomplished on your weight loss journey.

Download some new tunes. If you listen to music while you work out, you may get bored of the same old songs week after week. Treat yourself to a few new downloads each week, and keep your workout feeling fresh.

Consult with your weight loss physician. Stay in touch with your doctor, who can guide you toward your weight loss goals and help you see the results of all your hard work.

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