5 Reasons You Should Break Up With Your Exercise Routine

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5 Reasons You Should Break Up With Your Exercise Routine

Exercise serves as a crucial component of your medical weight loss plan. So you might wonder why we would write a blog about quitting your exercise routine. That’s because, like relationships, sometimes your routine will run its course. When it’s no longer benefiting you, or even causing you trouble, it might be time to “break up” with your regular workout. If any of these five situations apply to you, it’s time for a change.

Your workout feels too easy. Exercise shouldn’t wear you out so badly that you collapse afterward, but it also shouldn’t feel too easy. If you find yourself breezing through exercise, you’re probably not challenging yourself enough (or burning enough calories to support your medical weight loss plan). It’s great that you’re getting in better shape, but it’s time to change things up and challenge yourself more.

You dread your workout. We all have “off” days. But if you wake up every single day dreading something on your to-do list, that feeling is going to seriously impact your mental health over time. If you truly hate your workout that much, it’s time to find something else that you can enjoy.

You’re only doing one type of exercise. it’s fine to build a workout regimen around a favorite activity, or to prioritize a part of your body you want to sculpt. But you shouldn’t be doing one type of exercise to the exclusion of everything else. Aim for a blend of both cardio and strength training exercises, and remember to work all parts of your body.

Your workout hurts. It’s normal to feel a bit of mild to moderate soreness when you first get started, or any time you increase the intensity of your workouts. But if you’re regularly exerperiencing pain, especially if that pain is more severe than common soreness, you need to visit your doctor right away to be checked for injuries. And then you need to follow their advice, which might include changing your workout if it’s hurting you.

You haven’t seen any results. You might not see results from an exercise routine immediately. But after one to two months, we expect that you will both look and feel different. If you’re stuck, this could mean that you need to change up your workout, your eating plan, or both. Call us to schedule an appointment, and we’ll help you get moving toward medical weight loss results once again.