5 Healthy Accomplishments to Be Thankful For

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5 Healthy Accomplishments to Be Thankful For

On Thanksgiving Day, talking about gratitude is a common tradition. As you’re listing the things for which you’re thankful, don’t forget about your improved health. Getting healthier isn’t all about the number on the scale, either. While it’s perfectly normal to feel grateful that you’ve lost a few pounds or toned up, these other accomplishments are worthy of recognition, too.

You’ve found a fun new form of activity. Whether you’ve discovered a love of Zumba, found peace in yoga, or feel invigorated by swimming, you probably feel gratitude for a new fitness routine that you actually enjoy. Celebrate the joy of healthy movement in a stronger body.

You’re setting a great example. As you pursue a weight loss plan, exercise more regularly, or learn about better nutrition, you’re setting a great example for your children. Or, if you don’t have kids, you’re motivating friends, coworkers, and family members. Becoming the healthiest version of yourself, and encouraging others to do the same, is definitely a worthwhile accomplishment.

You’re warding off chronic illness. Sure, feeling more confident in a swimsuit feels good. But your long term health is the best reason for following a weight loss plan. As you get healthier, you’re lowering your risk of chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even cancer.

You’re feeling more balanced and less stressed. If you’ve been following an exercise regimen for some time, you’ve probably noticed a difference in your mental health. You’re feeling refreshed, more calm, and focused. And your mental health is every bit as important as physical health!

You feel empowered. Perhaps the most important thing you’ve learned is that it is possible to take control of your own health, and therefore your own destiny. This Thanksgiving, take a moment to thank yourself, for making your health a top priority and for having the strength to follow through with your plans.

Of course, if you find Thanksgiving to be a challenge to your weight loss plan, do give us a call. We can consult with you and give you the support you need during the holiday season.