5 Fun Ways to Burn Calories This Fall

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October 26, 2021
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5 Fun Ways to Burn Calories This Fall

Fall is in full swing, and you know what that means: The holiday season is just around the corner. Whether you love the holidays or dread the inevitable stress, you probably know that temptation will lurk around every corner. We’re entering the season of fatty and sugary comfort foods. If you want to avoid weight gain and other negative health effects, increasing your activity now can help you to burn more calories before the parties begin!

So as you continue to savor the fall season, consider fun ways to get active outdoors.

Raking leaves. If that beautiful oak tree is shedding its leaves all over your lawn, it’s probably time to rake them up. Raking and bagging leaves can burn about 340 calories per hour. Plus, you’ll restore your lawn to its previous green splendor.

Hiking. As the weather cools off a bit, it can feel more comfortable to spend time outdoors. Enjoy the relaxing benefits of trail hiking, and burn over 400 calories per hour while doing so.

Chopping wood. If you have a wood-burning fireplace at home, why not chop your own wood to save a bit of money on firewood? Get a nice stack of firewood ready to enjoy soothing fires all winter, and you can burn about 450 calories per hour with this “natural” workout.

Horseback riding. Yes, horseback riding actually works your core muscles! It’s also incredibly fun and rewarding, and you can burn over 140 calories in one hour.

Explore a corn maze. Technically, it’s just walking, but the scenery is different. Plus, it’s fun! If you keep up a fast pace, you can burn about 300 calories if you get lost in a maze for an hour.

Remember, the trick to any exercise regimen or weight loss plan is to keep it fun. If you enjoy the activities you’re doing, you’re more likely to stay active and find continued success. Give us a call if you need more exercise tips or help with your weight loss plan, and we’ll help you strategize for the long term.