4 Ways to Combat Your Slowing Metabolism

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July 13, 2015
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4 Ways to Combat Your Slowing Metabolism

iStock_000043615800_SmallAs we get older, it can become harder to lose weight. That’s why you always hear people blaming their age and their “slow metabolism”. But you don’t have to accept weight gain as part of the aging process! There are several things you can do to rev up your metabolism and keep it burning, even if you’ve passed the big 4-0.

Strength training. When you add muscle to your body, you burn more calories around the clock – even when you’re not exercising! (This is why men typically have faster metabolisms, and can eat more calories, than women). Lift weights, do pushups and squats, and train your core for at least 20 minutes, two or three times per week. Remember to eat enough protein so that your body has the nutrients it needs to build muscle mass.

Increase your intensity. When you exercise at a higher intensity, you will enjoy more “after burn”, in which you continue to burn calories even though you’re finished exercising. If you’ve been using the same workout routine for a while, push yourself a little harder. It should be difficult to talk during the most intense part of your workout. (note: Talk to your weight loss physician to make sure this plan is safe for you)

Drink enough water. Most of your bodily systems depend upon water, including your metabolism. Support your body as it digests food and burns calories, by staying adequately hydrated.

Don’t crash diet. It can be tempting to crash diet as your high school reunion approaches, but resist the temptation. You can actually do more harm than good for your metabolism. Crash dieting can also make you lose muscle mass, which will lower your metabolism.

As always, consult with your weight loss physician if you have concerns about your metabolism, diet, or exercise regimen. You don’t have to accept slowing metabolism and weight gain as an inevitable part of the aging process!