5 Types of Workout Buddy

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October 10, 2016
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5 Types of Workout Buddy

Runners giving high fiveWe’ve talked before about the various benefits of working out with a buddy. For example, it will keep you accountable, so that you don’t feel tempted to skip workouts. Plus, it’s just more fun!

But choosing a workout buddy isn’t as simple as asking the nearest person to join you for a run. Depending on what motivates you, one type of workout buddy might suit you better than others. Check out the following examples, and you’ll see what we mean.

The Rival. If competition motivates you, The Rival might be a good choice for a workout buddy. Think of that friend with whom you have a love-hate relationship. You bought a car, and so did she. She got a new haircut, and you realized you needed a change too. You love each other, but there’s always that undercurrent of competition. If that type of relationship motivates you, choose a Rival who is in slightly better shape than you. You’ll work extra hard to keep up with her.

The Trainer. If following orders from an authority figure will get you through a tough workout, you might consider hiring a personal trainer. Alternately, you can just work out with that friend of your who is practically a professional bodybuilder. He might enjoy helping you as much as you enjoy the motivation!

The Best Friend. Competition and following orders aren’t for everyone. Some people find that type of “motivation” a bit too stressful and overwhelming. If that sounds like you, the Best Friend is probably more your speed. This person will gently prod you off the couch, encourage you to do your best, and tell you how great you’re doing along the way. You can ask your actual best friend to work out with you, or just anyone in your life who has a sympathetic, encouraging nature.

The Lover. Much like the Best Friend, the Lover will offer gentle, loving support. But if you choose your significant other as your workout buddy, you might notice some additional benefits. Couples who regularly exercise together often report more active and healthy sex lives!

The Stranger. Well, you probably don’t want to ask an actual stranger to work out with you. But maybe someone at work, a neighbor, or an acquaintance from a support group has expressed interest in exercise and weight loss. When you work out with this person, you have the fun of getting to know a new friend combined with your exercise sessions.

So what type of workout buddy should you choose? It depends on your personal psychology, and you are your own expert. But as always, remember to call us before starting your exercise regimen. We can examine you to make sure exercise is safe for you, help you with nutritional advice, and answer any other questions you might have about your weight loss plan.