4 Tips For Using Your Health Tracker

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January 10, 2017
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January 23, 2017

4 Tips For Using Your Health Tracker

Female athlete running outdoors on highwayDid you get one of those handy fitness trackers for Christmas, or pick one up at an after-holidays clearance sale? If so, you’re probably hoping the handy little tool will keep you accountable to your fitness and weight loss plans. But like any tool, a fitness tracker only works well if you use it correctly. So follow these four tips to get the most out of your helpful new device.

Use the charts. Most health tracker programs offer not just hard data, but also charts to help you understand the numbers. Look at those, rather than just your daily numbers. Over time you should see a gradual improvement.

Compete with yourself. It’s one thing to mull over your health data each evening, and quite another to push yourself to improve it. Yes, tracking your progress is the first step, but you can really maximize the results of your plan if you use that information as motivation. After analyzing a week’s worth of data, set a specific goal to beat it the following week.

Let it nag you. Those numbers and charts are helpful after you’ve exercised, but your tracker can probably motivate you to get off the couch, too. Use the function that reminds you to get physical – not just for your daily workouts, but also for little things like taking a break from your desk to move around.

Link your health tracker to social media. We talk a lot about how motivating exercise buddies can be. When you link your health tracker to your social media account, even your friends on the other side of the world can cheer you on. Positive reinforcement is one of the best motivators for some of us, so take advantage of this opportunity to share your success.

Keep in mind that a health tracker is a terrific tool that can keep you dedicated to your weight loss program. But of course, you must first have that program in place! Give us a call to schedule an appointment, and we can discuss your exercise and weight loss goals.