4 Tips to Keep You Motivated Toward Workout Goals

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4 Tips to Keep You Motivated Toward Workout Goals

Whether you’ve established a concrete weight loss goal, or simply want to tone up and get into better shape, committing to a dedicated exercise plan can be a big change for many people. If you’re having trouble staying on track toward your goals, try these tips to boost your motivation.

Take a look at old pictures. Go through your old photos, and choose one the represents a time when you were happiest with your fitness. Ask yourself what you enjoyed about that time, and what you did differently back then. The answers might surprise you! More importantly, you will probably find that you’ve chosen a picture from a time you were happiest with life overall. This exercise can be very telling, in helping you learn where you need to begin making changes.

Don’t do it all at once. If you dread hopping on the elliptical or treadmill for at least 30 minutes in the afternoon, break up your workout throughout the day. Go for a ten-minute, brisk walk first thing in the morning. Do the same at lunch, and then again in the afternoon. Now you’re ready to head home, with your exercise for the day completed.

Try a different class. Maybe you committed to a program two months ago, but you dread going to class each week. Maybe that form of exercise is just not “your type”! It’s okay to quit, and try something new in its place. Keep experimenting until you find something you truly enjoy.

Go live. This tip might be for the bravest of souls: “Go live” on Facebook during your workout. It sounds silly, and perhaps even a bit terrifying. But if you’re the type of person who works harder for social enforcement, then the feeling of supportive friends watching might give you just the boost you need.

If you’re pairing exercise with a weight loss plan, be sure to consult with us if you’re experiencing any difficulty. We can analyze your body type, underlying health conditions, and needs. Then, together we can help you set weight loss goals that are realistic, safe, and most importantly, achievable right now.