4 Signs That Your Scale is Lying to You

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4 Signs That Your Scale is Lying to You

Most of us know the frustration of stepping onto a scale and seeing a number that disappoints us. It might even feel like your scale is lying to you, because you know you’ve been putting in the hard work to drop unwanted pounds! So why isn’t that number moving, or why is it still higher than you expected? Well, it’s entirely possible that your scale does not accurately represent the changes your body is experiencing.

Do you look different? If you’re enjoying a new reflection in the mirror, and your clothes are fitting more comfortably, you can be certain that your scale is lying to you about your progress. As we burn fat through a weight loss plan and exercise routine, sometimes we are also adding muscle tissue. While our appearance changes, the number of the scale might not adequately reflect your new body composition. Keep going, and trust that the number on the scale will catch up with the reality of your hard work.

Do you feel more aware of your eating habits? If you’ve developed a healthy attitude toward food, you’re no longer eating due to emotions, and you stop eating when you feel full, you can be sure that your weight loss plan is creating positive changes.

Are you making wise food choices? If you’re reaching for yogurt instead of ice cream, or fresh veggies instead of a bag of chips, you can pat yourself on the back. Your health is changing, and health is more than just a number on the scale.

Do you feel better and more energetic? This is a sign that your healthier eating plan is working, and that your regular exercise routine is giving you more energy. How you feel is infinitely more important than a clothing size or what the scale says.

If you notice one or more of these positive signs, try not to worry too much about the number your scale reports. You might even take off a week or two from weighing yourself, and just focus on continuing your weight loss plan. Reduce the pressure, focus on positive feelings, and allow that number on the scale to change in time. Weight loss plateaus are normal, but with continued dedication we can help you get past it! Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your concerns, we will help you stay on track toward your goals.