4 Signs Your Scale is Wrong

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November 3, 2014
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4 Signs Your Scale is Wrong

ScaleAt some point during your weight loss journey, you’re going to step on your bathroom scale and feel disappointed in the number you see. In fact, this is likely to happen for several days in a row (or longer), leaving you to wonder if your weight loss plan is even working. As frustrating as this can be, remember that the number on the scale is not the only indicator that your efforts are paying off. In fact, you should remember to keep an eye out for these four signs that your weight loss plan is indeed paying off:

  1. You look different. Forget the number on the scale; if your clothes are fitting more loosely, or you like what you see in the mirror, you’re definitely losing weight. Sometimes the fat we burn through exercise is replaced with muscle, which also carries weight. But the end result is a healthier body and slimmer appearance – so keep exercising! It’s working.
  2. You’ve achieved awareness of your eating habits. You’re no longer eating for comfort or out of boredom. You’ve developed a healthy attitude toward food, and you understand the impact of your dietary choices. You now stop eating when you’re full, rather than when your plate is empty.
  3. You’re making conscious food choices. Your meals rarely come from a drive-through or vending machine anymore. Rather than reaching for your old comfort foods, you put intentional thought into whether the foods you eat will provide the right fuel for your body.
  4. You feel good. What’s more important than looking a certain way or wearing a particular size? The way you feel. If you feel more energetic and healthy on the inside, then you’re definitely reaping the rewards of eating healthy foods and exercising.

The bottom line: Remember not to be  a slave to the number on the scale. If you’re seeing these four signs that your weight loss plan is working, keep going! It’s normal for weight loss to “plateau” every so often. Stay on the right path, and those numbers will start moving downward again soon.

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