4 Reasons to Stop Being Embarrassed About Sweating

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October 19, 2020
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4 Reasons to Stop Being Embarrassed About Sweating

We often come up with all sorts of reasons to avoid exercise, from our busy schedules to feeling uncomfortable around others. These feelings are normal, to an extent. But one often-cited reason really is a bit silly. Everyone sweats, and sweat is actually a good thing! So no, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to work out and get a little sweaty in public. Here’s why:

Sweating a lot does not mean you’re out of shape. Some people simply have more sweat glands than others, and the amount of sweat you produce has very little to do with your personal fitness. If you watch a group of marathon runners, you will notice some of them seem a lot more sweaty than others. But obviously, they’re all in great shape!

Men do sweat more than women, in general. And climate matters, too. But overall, the amount of sweat that you produce depends mostly on how many sweat glands you have. There’s no need to feel self conscious, or that everyone can “tell” that you’re out of shape. Some of them are pretty sweaty, too.

Sweat performs an important function in your body. Aside from cooling you off when it’s hot, sweat also carries toxins out of your body. This is another reason to drink plenty of water during and after exercise.

Sweat doesn’t actually smell. Sweat is composed of mostly water, and it doesn’t have carry any particular odor of its own. After it mingles with bacteria or fungi on your skin, a smell can be produced. Just make sure to throw your workout clothes into the wash when you get home.

Sorry, getting sweaty doesn’t necessarily equal “fat burn”. Sweat is mostly your body’s way of cooling off during exercise, but again, everyone sweats differently. So it’s not a good indicator of how much fat you burned during a workout. Consult your calorie burn apps for that information, if you’re working out to support a weight loss plan.

Attending regular weigh-ins and checkups is the best way to track the progress of your weight loss plan. So make sure to schedule regular appointments with us, and we’ll help you stay on track toward your goals.