4 Reasons the Elliptical Might Be Your New Best Friend

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September 9, 2019
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September 23, 2019

4 Reasons the Elliptical Might Be Your New Best Friend

As we put together your weight loss plan, we might focus quite a bit on learning about nutrition and choosing foods that fit into your strategy. But for some people, figuring out the exercise portion of their overall plan is the tricky part. How much should you exercise, for how long, and when? And perhaps most importantly, what type of exercise is best for weight loss?

These are all questions that we can explore together. But the truth is that the best form of exercise is one that you enjoy enough to stick with it! For many people, the elliptical machine at the gym (or at home) becomes their go-to exercise. Why?

The elliptical works your entire body. Unlike some other exercise equipment (we’re looking at you, Stationary Bike) an elliptical machine works both your arms and legs. You can adjust the resistance to match your fitness level, and get a whole-body workout in one session.

The elliptical is low impact. Other forms of aerobic exercise, like running, can place too much strain on joints. The smooth motion of the elliptical lends itself well to people who haven’t always exercised regularly, and want to get into shape without risking injury. Plus, the back-and-forth motion prevents repetitive stress syndrome (a problem that can occur when you use muscles in one direction only).

An elliptical can relieve low back pain. Choose a machine with an incline feature, and the workout will challenge your posterior chain muscles. This leads to a reduction in low back pain, and as a bonus, burns more calories.

An elliptical adjusts to your level of fitness. As you get into shape, simply adjust the resistance on the machine to keep your workout challenging. Changing the settings (and your workout structure) can also help to prevent boredom with your routine.

And of course, elliptical machines can be kind of fun! But before you hop on board, come see us for a consultation. We will discuss your weight loss goals, and screen you to be sure that your chosen exercise is safe for your body type, health, and level of fitness.