3 Simple Meal Tricks That Cut Calories

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February 5, 2019
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3 Simple Meal Tricks That Cut Calories

We all know that following a weight loss plan isn’t always easy. Part of the challenge is not just changing what you eat, but also how you eat, because behavioral patterns involve more than just food choices. In fact, you can hack your eating behaviors to cut calories, sometimes without even noticing the difference. These three small tweaks to your mealtime habits can help you do just that.

Start with water. You’ve probably heard that drinking a full glass of water before a meal can reduce the amount of calories that you consume. Take that practice one step farther, and begin your meals with water-dense foods like a salad, fruit, or a bowl of soup. Hydration is important to health anyway, but in this case you’ll feel more full before you start on the more calorie-laden part of your meal.

Sit down to eat. Many people share a common habit of standing in the kitchen, munching snacks straight out of the original container. You might be shocked at how many calories you consume this way! Pour a serving onto a plate or into a bowl, and sit down at the table to snack mindfully. You’re less likely to overeat when you’re paying attention to your meal. And of course, keep those snacks put away in the pantry, where you’re less likely to see them (and snag a handful) every time you walk through the kitchen.

Choose a fork. For foods like rice, beans, and pasta, opt for a fork over a spoon. More food fits onto a spoon than a fork, leading you to take larger bites and eat more. Remember that the stomach takes about 20 minutes to signal to the brain that its full. So during that time, slowing yourself down with smaller bites can be key to lowering calories.

Little hacks like these can make a difference to your overall weight loss plan. But of course, you still need guidance on which foods you should be eating, to obtain the right nutrients for your body type. Set an appointment with us to discuss your eating plan, and we’ll help you put together a program to meet your goals.