10 Ways to Cut Your Carb Intake

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May 24, 2021
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10 Ways to Cut Your Carb Intake

You’ve probably noticed that carbohydrates tend to have a bad reputation these days. It’s not that all carbs are bad, or that you should never eat them. In fact, cutting out entire food groups can be detrimental to your health, and contribute to nutritional imbalances. In order to get the right mix of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function, as well as properly fueling your body for exercise, you actually do need to eat some foods that contain carbohydrates.

The problem is that many of our favorite foods are too heavy in simple carbohydrates, or those derived from processed sugar and white flour. These foods tend to contain very few nutrients, and so you’re basically just indulging in empty calories.

And, if you’re following a weight loss plan, you probably need to increase the amount of calories that you receive from protein. That means you need to cut out calories elsewhere. As long as you’re getting enough dietary fiber and a few other key nutrients, cutting back on carbohydrates can be an effective weight loss strategy.

But because our dietary preferences tend to revolve around carbs, how can you switch things up without missing out on your favorite foods? Just try these simple strategies to lower your carb intake:

  1. Bake with almond flour or coconut flour instead of traditional flour
  2. Eat oatmeal instead of cereal
  3. Try open-faced sandwiches to cut your bread intake in half
  4. Reconsider snacks; instead of carb-heavy options, try popcorn, parmesan crisps, or chickpea puffs
  5. Try cauliflower rice instead of traditional rice
  6. Use spaghetti squash instead of spaghetti noodles
  7. Use zoodles (zucchini noodles) in place of pasta or rice in many dishes, or even in veggie lasagna
  8. Build your desserts around fruit; they contain more fiber and natural sweetness, and less processed sugar
  9. Brush up on your portion knowledge; small portions can be nutritious but pack fewer carbs and calories
  10. Measure snacks and place in a bowl; snacking directly from the bag leads to overconsumption

And of course, call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your weight loss plan. We can help you determine how carbs fit into your overall strategy, and learn ways to balance your diet better and reach your target weight goal.