So, you’ve decided to overhaul your lifestyle. You’ve joined a gym or otherwise created a fitness regimen for yourself, and you’re pursuing a weight loss plan or healthier diet. Maybe you’re doing this on doctor’s orders, to prevent serious health problems, or you just want to look and feel better. Whatever your reasoning, congratulations on making the first steps toward a healthy lifestyle.

At this time, there are two important things you need to know about serious lifestyle changes.

First, even though we would love to believe (and see) the opposite, it will be some time before you notice drastic changes in your appearance, level of health, or weight on the scale. Progress will be slow and steady. The problem is, many people give up before they give their weight loss plan or exercise regimen enough time to work! Often when we feel like we aren’t making satisfactory progress, there is nothing wrong with the plan or your level of dedication… You just need more time. Of course, this is why we monitor our patients through regular appointments, and offer encouragement to help you stick with your plans.

Second, please understand that lowering your caloric intake will alter your metabolism somewhat. If your metabolism slows, and then you abandon your healthy eating plan and go back to your old dietary ways, you might regain weight faster than you lost it! This is one reason that we advocate for permanent changes in the way you view and consume food, as well as offering supports for your metabolism when needed.

Putting these two ideas together, you can see how important commitment is. When you understand that results will be gradual, but they will come, you can avoid the dangerous cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Give us a call, and we can help you put together a weight loss plan that helps you achieve your goals. We will monitor your progress, offer encouragement along the way, and help you tackle any obstacles that challenge you.