For many people, Spring represents new beginnings and fresh starts, making it the perfect season to kick off a weight loss program or lifestyle change. But it’s also the time of year that many people plan vacations, so you might be wondering how you can incorporate your dietary and exercise goals into your trip. Traveling does indeed present some challenges, but with a little advance planning you can continue your eating and exercise program without interruption. You might even be able to use your trip to help further your goals!

You’ll be away from home, so you might fear that your workout routine will be interrupted. And with many vacation plans, that would be a legitimate worry. So, the solution might lie in planning a trip that involves physical activity. Check out some of these common vacation activities, and investigate destinations that offer these opportunities in abundance.

Skiing. Skiing is a popular vacation activity, because it’s fun! And if you reside in Southern California full time, a ski resort will provide an interesting change from your usual weather conditions. Skiing will also burn about 400 calories per hour (calculated based on a 150-pound person), so it’s also great exercise.

Golf. If golf is more your speed, skip the golf cart and carry your own clubs. A medium-sized man will burn about 1,400 calories playing a round of golf this way! Of course, that calorie count will vary depending upon your gender and body size.

Visit a large city. If you’re not the outdoor sports type, you can still work plenty of exercise into your vacation. If you visit a large metropolitan area like New York or Washington, DC, walk or bike as you explore art museums, landmarks, entertainment venues, and more.

Hiking/mountain climbing. Hiking opportunities present themselves all over the world, but will obviously be more common (and challenging) in mountainous regions. You will burn calories according to your body weight, but a 160-pound person can expect to burn around 430 calories per hour, a 200-pound person will burn about 550 calories in the same time period, and so on. Aside from getting a great workout, you’ll encounter memorable views along the way.

Just remember, serious mountain climbing requires specialized training. We don’t recommend that you venture out on expert-level trails unless you are, indeed, an expert!

And of course, you can simply book a hotel or resort that offers a sufficient gym on-site. Just remember to use it! For more information on weight loss or exercise, call us to schedule an appointment. We can offer more suggestions personalized to your situation.