Any exercise is great exercise, especially if you’re just getting started on a fitness regimen. But there are reasons – seven to be exact – that you should add weight lifting to your workout schedule. Even if you just begin slowly and do a few moves each day, you can reap important benefits like…

Stronger bones. Bone mass peaks at about age 30, and then begins to decline. Over time they weaken, making you more prone to injuries such as breaks and fractures. Strength training has actually been proven to help your bones generate new tissue and become stronger.

Fight aging. As with bone mass, muscle mass also declines with age. Eventually loss of muscle mass will cause everyday activities to become more difficult for you. But regular strength training can help to replace some of that loss, slowing the aging process so that you can stay active for much longer.

Extend your life. It’s a good thing that you’ll enjoy stronger muscles and bones, since you’ll be living longer too! At least one study has demonstrated a link between strength training and longevity.

Perform better at other activities. Stronger muscles produce greater force, making other forms of exercise easier and more enjoyable. Simple daily activities like carrying groceries or climbing stairs will feel easier, too.

Prevent injuries. Many injuries (from running, sports, and even everyday activities) are caused by muscle weakness. Strengthening your muscles can help you enjoy other forms of exercise with lower risk of injury (and time off to recuperate).

Soothe anxiety. Research has even linked lifting weights to lower levels of anxiety.

Boost your metabolism. This is especially important for those of you following a weight loss plan. Muscle mass burns more calories at rest than fat does, meaning those with more muscles will enjoy a higher resting metabolic rate.

Of course, if you want to make strength training a part of your weight loss plan, do give us a call first. We should examine you to ensure that your plans are considering your level of health, and we can make recommendations to support your new activity schedule with proper nutrition.