So, you’ve finally recovered from that never-ending flu… Or you’ve just returned from a vacation… Or you’ve been dealing with a family emergency… Whatever the reason, sometimes your fitness plan or weight loss goal might be thrown off track. Life isn’t always as predictable as we would hope. But now that you’re ready to get serious about your exercise regimen again, you might be wondering how to get back on track.

Make a plan. You can’t accomplish a goal that you don’t define, so first decide what you’re going to do. Schedule your exercise sessions, and commit to a certain goal that you want to reach by the end of the month.

Start slowly, and then build up your strength and endurance. If you only took a week off from  your normal routine, you can probably dive back in pretty easily. But if you’ve been sedentary for much longer, keep in mind that you might not be strong enough to do everything you once did. Start off slowly to test yourself. You can always add more time, distance, or weight as needed. But if you push yourself too hard on the first day, you could be sidelined by an injury.

Do something every day. If you haven’t been working out daily, you might experience some soreness when you first get started again. Make a plan to do something active even on the days that you’re too sore to hit the gym. A walk or gentle swim will suffice.

Tell someone. Speak your intention out loud to at least one person. A spouse, personal trainer, close friend, or even just a work colleague will suffice. You’re much more likely to stick with a plan when you feel accountable.

Seek support. It’s always better to play it safe, if you haven’t exercised in quite some time. Come see us, and we’ll screen you for any underlying conditions that might complicate your exercise plans. We can also help you decide upon a nutritional plan to support your health needs, or your weight loss goals if that’s your intention.