We spend a lot of time reminding our readers of the benefits of exercise, for your weight loss plan or your health in general. So you might find it odd that we would advise you to dump your workout! Yet, that’s exactly what we’re doing, assuming you meet one of the following five conditions.

You dread it, every single time. Everyone has off days, and times that they need to motivate themselves to push forward with their workout regimen for the day. But if you find yourself dreading exercise every single day, and you feel miserable the entire time you’re doing it, then it’s time to dump your workout.

You aren’t seeing results. Of course, visible results do require time and patience. But if you’ve been plodding through the same workout routine for a month or two, and you see zero results, then something needs to change.

You’re in pain. A moderate amount of soreness is normal when you begin a workout routine, and it might recur periodically when you increase the difficulty level. But if you’re in consistent, severe pain all of the time, something has to give. First of all, please make an appointment with your doctor to get checked for injuries. And then, it might be time to decrease your difficulty level a bit, or switch to a different activity.

You feel like your workouts are easy. If you fall into this group, you probably aren’t looking to dump your workout. After all, it’s so easy, you just breeze right through it! But that’s kind of the point. If it’s too easy, then you probably aren’t reaping many benefits, and you need to bump up the intensity or choose a new activity.

Your routine isn’t well rounded. You like jogging, so you do that every day, to the exclusion of anything else. Or, you want a flat stomach, so your entire exercise routine revolves around crunches and planks. Your dedication is admirable, but you should address both cardio and strength building exercises, and try to work all areas of your body equally. So if you’re only doing one activity, it’s time to mix it up a little.

Now here’s the catch: When we say “dump your workout”, we are not saying you should stop exercising! Rather, you should change it up, try something new, and increase or decrease the intensity as needed. When your workout becomes a boring routine, too easy, is hurting you, or causing other problems, then you aren’t going to achieve the results you want. Plus, it’s better for your body to experience a variety of physical activities.

To be sure your workout or weight loss plan is safe for your body type and level of fitness, make an appointment with us. We can help you evaluate your goals and make a plan for success.